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Featured Dealer - ZZZ's RV

An interview with J.R. Baldwin, General Manager

1) What key factor helped you with the decision to become part of the Rv Logic family?
"I was looking for a user friendly system, that is robust and cost effective. RV Logic was the only DMS that had the key factors that I was looking for in a DMS."

2) Are you confident in saying that RV Logic has helped your dealership?
"Yes, absolutely, without a doubt. RV Logic has helped the workflow process of the dealership by keeping all departments connected. All the departments are organized now."

3) In What Ways?
"Prospecting is awesome, it takes no time at all to input info on the prospects when they come in, we capture alot more information than we ever have. We can track sales easily and parts is an important part that we can easily track now."

4) Would you recommend RV Logic to your fellow RV Dealer owners?
"I would highly recommend RV Logic to any dealership."

5) Overall, what effect has our DMS made on your dealership?
"We have a better handle on the sales department and sales tracking. We know where we are in all aspects of the dealership at any point in the day, week or month. I love the whole aspect of knowing where I am with everything in the dealership at any time. I enjoy having the system and working with the system. Thank You RV Logic for making life easier at ZZZ RV."

J.R. Baldwin, General Manager, ZZZ's RV

For more information or to contact ZZZ's RV Sales go to their website at